Linda Fernandez
Linda Fernandez has emerged onto the local and international contemporary art scene as an inter-disciplinary visual artist. Graduating from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, Linda developed a passion for creating art by engaging communities and went on to work with the Philadelphia Mural Arts program. In 2008 she attended Metafora Tallers de Arte Contemporaneo, an international workshop in Barcelona where she created and exhibited work alongside artists from 25 different countries. In 2009 she lived in Nicaragua and Guatemala where she continued to paint murals with community members from impoverished neighborhoods. In 2010 she started the Recklace project in Managua, Nicaragua with the objective to create jewelry and accessories using everyday materials such as soda cans, plastic bottles and plastic bags. Today, she uses these same materials to create contemporary works of art that reflect on the urban landscape. Her use of recycled materials gives the detritus of the street new life. Linda has shown her work in several notable Philadelphia venues such as the Thomas Eakins House, Fleisher Art Memorial and Highwire Gallery. She has also shown her work internationally at Copavi Gallery in Managua, Nicaragua; Casa de Mig, Metafora Gallery, and Ambit Dona in Barcelona, Spain; and Miguel Angel Asturias in Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala.