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Del Pasado al Futuro
Del Pasado al Futuro
Painted Mural
70' x 130'

Del Pasado al Futuro, 2022
By Amber Art and Design
Providence, Rhode Island

Commissioned by Rhode Island Convention Center Authority and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts through the Allocation for Art for Facilities Act

Del Pasado al Futuro evokes the history of the land, which is now called Providence, before colonization and the development of the city. The area where this mural is installed was known to the Narragansett people as Mashapaug and Moshassuck for hunting moose, although moose sightings today would be rare. We chose to use the moose as a symbol of fortitude and sustainability, a way of caring for and being one with the environment. It’s an homage to the past while looking forward to a sustainable future.

This 9000 square foot mural is located behind the Garrahy Judicial Complex, dedicated to the city of Providence.