• 2013-2014 PROJECTS

    Artist residency with The Village of Arts and Humanities.
    Using food as a way of engaging community and activating public space through a series of outdoor dinning experiences.

    Community Health Education Workshop Intergenerational Exchange
    A cookbook created in partnership with the Center for the Emerging Visual Artist, New Courtland Germantown Life Center and Kephera Charter School.

    Artist residency with Living Arts (Tulsa Oklahoma).
    Researched the history of 1921 Tulsa race riots and engaged community in creative reflection through several workshops culminating in a collaborative sculpture exhibited alongside a mural of street rubbings and a series of 15 photographs.

  • *EXHIBITIONS 2012-2013*

    2013 Art Ability- Associate of Art Museum Directors write up

    2013- Creative Powers- Art Ability at Delaware Museum of Art
    Visual artist and art blogger Don Brewer’s review of Exhibition

    2012 Adirondack Chairs- UPENN & Morris Arboretum

    2012 Softer Edges- Exhibitin Description on Fleisher’s website


    On May 24th I took my house project to Cuitadella Park in the center of Barcelona, a popular place to relax on a Sunday afternoon. In order to take the house from the gallery to the streets a trolley structure was created with wheels on the bottom and two poles measuring 3 meters high, on which the house hangs. We wheeled the house to the park, an hour and a half walk from our house in the Sants distrist of Barcelona. When we finally got there a group of our friends met us and helped us to quickly assemble everything. Then we took the house for a ride! There was just enough room on the trolley for two people to sit inside the house while a third person pulled them around the park. This caused a lot of attention and friendly waves and shouts from many park people.

    you can see some mobile home footage here: